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Storage tank 600L SF6 gas

Gas storage tank trolley 600L is a storage tank for SF6 gas. Suitable for filtered and recycled SF6 gas from gas-insulated electrical switches etc. Used together with a larger gas handling equipment e.g. our own FV9C or FV24C. The gas is filtered and pumped, from a gas-filled object, to the 600L gas tank which is connected to the equipment.

The gas tank has a total volume of 600 liters and is used for storing gas in both gaseous and liquid form. Maximum storage pressure is 51 bar(abs) and the tank can be evacuated to <1 mbar after use.

The equipment is built on a chassis equipped with fork pockets for lifting by truck but also has lifting loops. The tank has hose connections for inlet and outlet hose on the short side of the chassis. The construction is designed to fit our gas handling equipments FV9C and FV24C. Therefore, there are turned cutters in the four corners of the chassis, which means that it can be placed under our gas handling equipments FV9C / FV24C.(Storage tank 600L have the same outer dimensions as FV9C / FV24C and are therefore stackable.)

Storage capacity for the gas tank is 600 liters with a storage pressure of max 51 bar(abs).

Weighing system
The chassis is equipped with a digital weighing system with 4 load cells with a maximum load of 500 kg each. Measurement accuracy +/- 100g. The weighing system has built-in rechargeable batteries, but can also be connected to 230V, 50Hz for mains operation or charging of the batteries.

SF6 filling
Filling is easiest with self-pressure from the storage tank. If an equilibrium of pressure between object and storage tank occurs, the FV9C or FV24C can be used to pump gas from the storage tank to objects. The tanker can then be emptied down to 1 mbar. Self-pressure filling can be done with SF6 in both liquid or gaseous form.


Product Description

Storage tank for SF6 gas with total volume 600L is equipped with a digital weighing system with measuring accuracy +/- 100 grams. For SF6 gas storage, handling and recycling.

Storage tank 600L is designed with approved and well-proven components for SF6 gas. Leak-free couplings and components for gas handling and gas recovery of SF6 are used to prevent emissions of SF6 gas. The gas tank is delivered leak-tested and CE-approved with user-friendly manual / documentation for safe handling.

Standard equipment

Storage tank for SF6 gas:

  • Storage pressure, max 51 bar(abs). (Pressure tested for 70 bar.)
  • Digital weighing scale (measuring accuracy +/- 100g)
  • For liquid or gaseous storage of SF6 gas
  • Lockable castors
  • Temperature range -10 / + 50 ° C
  • Manual


The frame is a welded and painted steel chassis (RAL 5003, Dark blue) where the storage tank components are mounted. The dimensions of the chassis are adapted to be connected with Transorfilter's larger gas handling equipments FV9C and FV24C.

Digital weighing system

The gas tank rests on 4 load cells connected to a digital weighing system. Total max load 2000kg. Measurement accuracy +/- 100g. The display has built-in rechargeable batteries, but can also be connected to 230V, 50Hz for mains operation or charging of the batteries.


All hoses are reinforced with stainless steel wire braid with inner hose of PTFE. Dimension of hoses and connections DN20 (1 ″) or DN8 (3/8 ″) according to customer request.


  • SF6 adapter kit - Adaptation of filling equipment with standard connections for switchgear and breakers (DN6, DN7, DN8, DN20, Hansen, Magrini, Malmkvist (Malmquist), Westinghouse etc.)
  • Material selection – Most components / fittings are available in several materials (eg stainless steel, brass, aluminum).
  • Gaskets and sealing materials – Selected with accuracy based on requirement specification.
  • Measuring equipment – Measuring instruments and connections for fixed installation / external connection (density monitor SF6, vacuum instrument, pressure gauge vacuum, pressure gauge high pressure, couplings for measuring equipment etc.)
  • Gas regulator – Gas regulators adapted according to gas type, pressure and flow with connection to gas cylinder. (N2 regulator, high flow regulators, regulators for alternative gas, gas cylinder connection according to American, English, Chinese standards.)
  • Hoses - Large range of hose sizes and hose types. Special hoses according to customer requirements (dimension, length, pressure, protective casing, reinforcement, coupling type etc.).
  • Filter type - Different types of gas filters to filtrate gas from particles, moisture and residual products. Size is adjusted according to need and flow rate (particle filter, SF6 filter etc.).


Additional information

Weight 900 kg
Dimensions 240 × 100 × 110 cm

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