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Filling Equipment SF6/N2

Gas equipment for filling and re-filling SF6 gas for gas insulated switchgear and electric breakers. Also available for filling other gases such as N2, CO2, etc. Comes in a protective wooden box with handles.



Product Description

Gas filling equipment for SF6, N2 and CO2 gas. Used when eg a switch or other electrical equipment needs to be re-filled with new gas. The reason for re-filling with new gas may be due to a previous leak or after service of the object. The hose is well extended in length, so that the safety distance to the object can be kept during gas filling.

The standard equipment is adapted for filling and re-filling SF6 gas to gas-insulated switchgear and electric switches. The filling equipment consists of a regulator which is connected to the gas tube, for adjusting the gas pressure. Hose kit with quick couplings and coupling piece. Connection piece for connection to objects to be filled. Gas filling equipment for SF6, N2 and CO2 gas is supplied in a wooden box for easy transport and storage.

Sensitive couplings are provided with a protective rubber sleeve/rubber plug. Total weight of about 16 kg. Selected components are tested by expert technicians under field conditions. All hoses are pressure tested and complete equipment is tested and leak tested before delivery.

Gas regulators

SF6 gas regulator, max. 40 bar, with connection W21.8 x 1/14” for gas cylinder. Quick connection to filling hose.

N2 gas regulator, max 200 bar, with connection W24.32 x 1/14” for gas cylinder. Quick connection to filling hose.


Filling hose is a 40m long 3/8 ”PTFE hose, reinforced with stainless steel wire braid. Coupling piece with pressure gauge connection and pressure relief valve set to 9 bar. At delivery, the filling hose is air-evacuated and filled with SF6 gas to 1.25 bar.

Connection piece

Connection piece with standard ABB/ASEA connection for connection to switchgear, pressure gauge and quick connection for connection to filling hose.


Comes in a protective wooden box with handles. 650x200x420 [mm]


Since most coupling types / gases are used in the industry, the equipment can be adapted to the specific requirements of the customer. Contact us and we will adapt gas filling equipment according to your needs.

  • Adaptation of filling equipment with standard connections for switchgear and breakers.
  • Measuring instruments and connections for fixed installation / external connection.
  • Gas filling equipment can be adapted for other types of gases.
  • Various hose lengths can be delivered e.g. 5m, 10m, 20m. (Default is 40m.)


Additional information

Weight16 kg
Dimensions65 × 20 × 42 cm