Our business concept

The core of our business is to develop backflushable oil handling filters for grinding, machining and EDM. These filters can be central systems or stand-alone filters for single machines.

We also develop Transformer oil filters for filtering, degassing and drying of transformer oil.

We have a product group of own developed gas equipment for insulating gas handling, such as SF6. This equipment ensures the management of insulating gases and their residual products.

As a special area, we also make cleaning equipment for O-ring grooves and flange surfaces for the nuclear power industry.

All products that we develop have a common starting point and that is to improve the environment where they are used and to minimize the consumption of additives, in order to increase the life of the product they are used for.

Most of our equipment is customized according to customer request, where we carry out everything from design and construction to installation at the customer. No project is too small, so we look forward to your inquiry or curious questions regarding our services.

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