New Website 2020


First of all, we aim to be the natural partner for new and existing customers. Furthermore we are preparing for the new decade by launching a brand new website. Also we try to show our complete standard product range. As a result you will find some new products because we have expanded our portfolio. Also you will notice our strength of product customisation. Above all there are more products and information in contrast to the old website.

Because Transorfilter work in different fields we have four product groups:

– Grinding filters / Cutting oil
Cutting oil filter systems for applications in grinding and EDM.

– Oil filters / Transformer oil
Transformer oil filtration systems for drying of transformer oil.

– Gas handling / SF6 equipment
SF6 / Insulating gas handling equipment for recovery, filtration, filling and evacuation.

– Cleaning / Nuclear industry
Service and maintenance – Cleaning equipment for the nuclear industry.


Finally, we look forward to your inquiry or curious questions regarding our services.

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