Degassing System

We design and deliver large vacuum systems. In late 2019 we manufactured a large 3-stage system for ABB Power Transformers. Our vacuum systems are used for handling and degassing transformer oil. The oil quality is crucial. Therefore, we are designing and building the systems according to customer request. We work close to our customers. In other words, we listen.

Firstly, ABB need a very dry oil. Secondly the oil must have an extremely low oil residual gas value. In other words, our systems are delivering high quality oil to meet the customer demands. ABB are testing large power transformers and oil being delivered from our system is used.

As a result of the last delivery, we are building a second system for ABB. We will have delivered the second system by spring 2020. However, we are always looking for new projects.

For more information click on the link “Degassing System Special”.

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