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RCID 360l/h On-Line Dry-Out System

With RCID On-Line Cellulose Insulation Dry-Out System, transformer oil is filtered and dried through columns of granulated synthetic adsorbents. The result is a dry transformer cellulose insulation. No heating of the oil is required which makes this an energy efficient process. RCID On-Line Cellulose Dry-Out System is designed for safe, continuous, unattended operation on online transformers (energized transformers).


This product is used as service equipment or as a fixed installation on transformers for continuous monitoring / reconditioning of the transformer cellulose insulation and transformer oil.

New or previously dried power transformers
Maintenance of low level moisture in insulating system gives max extension of insulating lifetime.

Transformers with increased content of moisture
Reduction of moisture in insulation, improves dielectric insulation characteristics, increases power transformers safety and its lifetime.



Product Description

Transorfilter RCID is an On-Line dry-out system for cellulose insulation in power transformers and transformer oil.

Main characteristics

  • Oil dehydration by water adsorption.

For On-line (ON LOAD) operation on energized power transformer.

  • Gear pump capacity (variable): 0-6 l/min (max 360 l/h)
  • Adsorption columns: min. 2 pcs á 25kg media
  • Water holding capacity: approx. 5kg each column
  • Remote monitoring of unit operation.
  • Continual on-line direct reading sensors mounted on both inlet and outlet lines of the system. Display moisture contents (ppm) and oil temperature (°C) and indicate adsorbents saturation level.
  • Safety package with remote alarming.
  • Safe transformer operation during the drying process.
  • Oil leakage, air ingress and high pressure sensors shut the solenoid valve off mounted on the bottom of transformer, trigger the alarm and remotely send information about kind of malfunction. This way the unit is isolated and does not jeopardize Transformer safe operation.
  • Process is controlled and monitored via PLC-a, 7” HMI (Touch display), analogue and digital relays etc.
  • Sound and visual alarm.
  • Particle filter: 10 μm
  • Design pressure: max. 6 bar
  • Electric motor: 0,37 – 0,55 kW
  • Power supply: 220V AC, 50Hz, 3.5A
  • Delivered CE-marked.

Mobile / Stationary

The unit is equipped with wheels and can be easily moved at site. Can be placed stationary at a transformer for a very long time, or moved around between different objects.

Functional description

Transorfilter RCID is a dry-out unit designed for safe continual unattended operation on energized transformers. Pump draws insulating oil from the lowest point of transformer tank, circulates it through columns with granulated synthetic adsorbents and sends it back to the tank. By this process insulating oil is dried out in a matter of hours or days creating disbalance in water content in cellulose and oil.

More than 99% of water in power transformers is stored in cellulose (solid) insulation and by maintaining this disbalance and due to the diffusion phenomenon, continual migration of water from paper to oil is secured. This way Transorfilter RCID indirectly, via oil, removes water from solid insulation. Cellulose drying process is gradual and non-invasive, so there is no risk of winding geometry change that would cause vibrations.

Classic drying methods like thermo-vacuum provide short-term results, as the oil is usually dries over shorter intervals and thus does not get rid of the water stored in the cellulose.

Change of adsorbents / columns

Level of adsorbents saturation is monitored by moisture sensors. Comparing inlet and outlet moisture content readings it is easy to determinate efficiency of adsorbents. When the columns are saturated, i.e. when the input ppm is very close to being the same as the output ppm, then the columns can be exchanged.


  • Protective plastic cover
  • Leakage detection dackage (DCH – Dual Containment Hoses)
  • Moisture sensor package (Humidity sensor, HMI, PLC controlled)
  • Solenoid valves
  • Ethernet module
  • GSM module


Additional information

Weight200 kg
Dimensions80 × 63 × 160 cm