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FV4C-A 4m3/h Gas Recovery

FV4C Automatic (FV4C-A) is a PLC controlled automatic equipment for filtering and recycling SF6 gas from gas insulated electrical equipment. The gas is filtered and pumped, from a gas-filled object, into a standard gas bottle which is connected to the equipment. Evacuation of gas to 1 mbar. The equipment is also used for re-filling filtered / new gas via a built-in gas controller.

Via push buttons, the operator can easily choose from a number of pre-programmed programs for easy gas handling. No manual valves or pushbuttons need to be adjusted during normal operation making operation easy for the operator.

The equipment is built on a painted steel chassis with fork lift pockets with connection of hoses easily accessible at the front and connection of electric cable at the back. It is designed to be as ergonomic as possible for the operator.

SF6 evacuation
Hose is connected between FV4C-A equipment and gas-filled object via the supplied connection piece. Evacuation of SF6 takes place using oil-free compressors with a capacity of 3.6 m³/h and a dry vacuum pump, down to 1 mbar. Evacuated gas is stored in the customers gas bottle with a storage pressure of max 50 bar.

Air evacuation
Hose intended for air is connected to object via the supplied connection piece. An air vacuum pump with a capacity of 7.6 m³/h is used for evacuation of air from objects, down to a final vacuum of 1 mbar.

SF6 filling
Filling is easiest with self-pressure from a gas bottle, but the FV4C-A also has a built-in SF6 gas regulator that can be used. No hoses need to be switched for re-filling. If equilibrium in pressure between object and gas bottle occurs, FV4C-A can be used to pump gas from bottle to object. The gas bottle can then be evacuated down to 1 mbar.



Product Description

Equipment FV4C-A for gas handling and gas recovery of SF6 gas is an automatic gas handling equipment.

FV4C-A is designed with approved and well-tested components for SF6 gas. Leak-free couplings and components in FV4C-A for gas handling and gas recovery of SF6 are used to prevent emissions of SF6 gas. The machine is delivered test run, leak tested and CE approved with user-friendly manual / documentation for safe handling.

Standard equipment

FV4C-A gas equipment comes complete with the necessary equipment for use. The machine has openable doors on both short sides. All accessories included with the FV4C-A are stored in marked places in the chassis during transport:

  • Hose kit for SF6
  • Hose kit for air
  • Connection piece
  • Air vacuum pump
  • Manual


The frame is a welded and painted steel chassis where the machine components are mounted. Cover plates are mounted all around to protect the equipment. The chassis is designed with fork lift pockets for easy transportation.


7 pcs pre-programmed programs for evacuation, filling, pressure equalization and filter regeneration. PLC, automatic valves and pressure sensors in the system monitor and control the program operation. When the selected program is completed, the machine stops automatically.

Operating panel

User-friendly panel for easy operation and monitoring. Flow chart with lamps indicating flow and active valves / components. Push buttons for program selection. Start/stop button and emergency stop. Manometers and vacuum instruments for reading pressure in different parts of the system.

Oil-free compressors and dry running vacuum pump

Oil-free compressors and dry running vacuum pump are used to pump SF6 gas. 3 pcs compressors with total capacity of 3.6 m³/h and a maximum pressure of 50 bar. If the maximum pressure is reached, the machine is switched off automatically. Dry vacuum pump with capacity of 6.8 m³/h and 0.02 mbar final vacuum.


The filter box contains electrical cabinet, connecting pieces, hoses, particle and chemical filters. Compressors, vacuum pump and heating element are started and stopped from the control panel of the electrical cabinet. The SF6 filter units are developed by Transorfilter Sweden and filter out particles according to ISO 4406, code 16/14/13, purifies used SF6 gas from chemical residual products and remove moisture from the gas. Chemical filter can be dried out and regenerated with the help of mounted heating element in combination with the vacuum pump.

Air vacuum pump

Oil lubricated vacuum pump for evacuation of air. Capacity of 7.6 m³/h and 0.005 mbar final vacuum. The pump is portable and can be easily lifted out of the chassis when used. Used after service when electrical equipments are air-filled and must be evacuated before re-filled with SF6 gas.

Connection piece

Connection piece for connection to electrical equipment. In standard version with ABB/ASEA connection. Connection for extra pressure gauge. Connection for external gas bottle, which allows the connector to be used for re-filling of gas.


Supplied with complete SF6 hose kit with DN8 couplings. Separate air hose with DN8 quick coupling, for coupling between connection piece - air vacuum pump. All hoses are re-inforced with stainless steel wire braid with PTFE inner hose.


  • SF6 adapter kit - Adaptation of filling equipment with standard connections for switchgear and breakers (DN6, DN7, DN8, DN20, Hansen, Magrini, Malmkvist (Malmquist), Westinghouse etc.)
  • Material selection – Most components / fittings are available in several materials (eg stainless steel, brass, aluminum).
  • Gaskets and sealing materials – Selected with accuracy based on requirement specification.
  • Measuring equipment – Measuring instruments and connections for fixed installation / external connection (density monitor SF6, vacuum instrument, pressure gauge vacuum, pressure gauge high pressure, couplings for measuring equipment etc.)
  • Gas regulator – Gas regulators adapted according to gas type, pressure and flow with connection to gas cylinder. (N2 regulator, high flow regulators, regulators for alternative gas, gas cylinder connection according to American, English, Chinese standards.)
  • Hoses - Large range of hose sizes and hose types. Special hoses according to customer requirements (dimension, length, pressure, protective casing, reinforcement, coupling type etc.).
  • Filter type - Different types of gas filters to filtrate gas from particles, moisture and residual products. Size is adjusted according to need and flow rate (particle filter, SF6 filter etc.).
  • Process monitoring via router / sms / GSM. With this technology you can read measured values in real time, adjust operating functions, get any operational alarms and troubleshoot.
  • Electric cable 3x400V, 50Hz, for 16A connection. Selectable length.


Additional information

Weight435 kg
Dimensions120 × 800 × 110 cm