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Environmentally friendly Cutting oil

Transorfilter Sweden provides environmentally friendly cutting oils for the grinding industry. Extra high-performance neat cutting oils based on advanced ester technology from renewable materials. Proven of bringing operational, health, safety and environmental benefits. Our cutting oil is bio-based and is mainly used in grinding and honing. The oil is used undiluted and is suitable for machining of iron and aluminum alloys as well as base metals.

Since the oil is made from renewable raw materials, it is often an environmentally friendly alternative as a substitute for water-miscible emulsions in conventional cutting.


Transor oil advantages:

– Increased tool life

– Low oil consumption

– Reduced oil mist

– Reduced risk of fire

– Good skin compatibility, non-toxic

– Cleaner work environment

– From renewable resources

– Good wetting ability

– Excellent lubrication and cooling properties

– Biodegradable


Transor oil provides better lubricity due to the strong adsorption of the ester based fluids on metal surface. It forms a strong lubricating film ensuring increased tool life and better surface finish. Unlike mineral oils, esters have a very strong polar characteristic giving a solid bond to metal surface and better lubrication performance than standard mineral oil.

Very low evaporation rate compared to mineral oil, even synthetic. Not only oil consumption is reduced, but also oil mist is largely diminished, providing a much better work environment.


Based on the manufacturing process and customer requirements, we have several different classes of oils to choose from.

Please contact us for more information and guidance.



Product Description

Our standard viscosity oil 5mm²/s (40°C) has the following product characteristics:


  • Viscosity 40°C: 5mm²/s (ISO 3104)
  • Viscosity 25°C: 8mm²/s (ISO 3104)
  • Density 20°C: 870kg/m³ (ISO 3675)
  • Color: Transparent - light yellow
  • Smell: Mild
  • Freezing point: -21°C (ISO 3016)
  • Flash point: >180°C (ASTM D 93)
  • Packaging: IBC (1000L), Drum (200L)
  • Handling and storage: +5°C to +40°C