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DUO250 250m3/h Vacuum Pump Set

Transorfilter Sweden manufactures portable evacuation equipment to evacuate air out of transformers before they can be filled with new oil. A negative pressure is created in the transformer between 1-10 mbar. The desired pressure is adjustable.

Transorfilter vacuum pump set is available in different designs. The standard model is a 2-stage equipment with a vacuum capacity of 250 m3/h. Also available with smaller vacuum pumps of 90, 120 or 230 m3/h. For handling of larger air volumes, we recommend the DUO250 equipment with a pump capacity of 250 m3/h.



Product Description

DUO250 is a vacuum pump set for evacuating air from transformers. The evacuation equipment is suitably used before a transformer may be filled with new oil. The air inside the transformer is evacuated to remove humid air, which would otherwise increase the moisture content of the oil. The DUO250 vacuum pump set is also active during the oil filling itself, to ensure that a low pressure is maintained throughout the filling.

The equipment is delivered tested and CE-marked including associated hoses.

  • Vacuum pump capacity: Up to 250 m3/h
  • Pump type: Oil lubrication, Magnetic coupled, Rotary vane vacuum
  • 1-stage vacuum system
  • Final vacuum: < 0,3mbar
  • 2-stage vacuum system
  • Final vacuum: < 0,013mbar
  • Oil pre-heater (optional): 2 x 1000W
  • Vacuum instrument: Digital with 2 pcs Pirani gauges
  • Power supply: 3 x 400V, 50Hz


Portable evacuation equipment on wheels for evacuation of air from power transformers. Available in models with pump capacity of 90/120/230/250 m³/h. The 90 and 230 models are designed with a 1-stage vacuum system, final vacuum <0.3 mbar. The 120 and 250 models are designed with 2-stage vacuum systems, final vacuum <0.0013 mbar.


The equipment consists of a vacuum pump and vacuum and electrical components that are built into a welded and painted steel frame with wheels. This provides a portable evacuation equipment with easy access and good maneuverability by hand at site.

The vacuum pump is air cooled and oil lubricated. The pump is equipped with an exhaust filter, digital vacuum sensor, valve DN 100 ISO and a pressure warning system. The warning system signals with a sound and light signal when the pressure reaches a pre-set value that can be set between 1-10 mbar.

Two vacuum hoses are included with the equipment, Ø100, L = 5m, with connections according to DN 100 ISO. A protective plastic cover is available as option.

The vacuum pump set standard power supply is 3x400V 50Hz.

Accessories / Options

Standard equipment included with the vacuum pump set is:

  • 2 pcs vacuum hoses Ø100mm, L = 5m, DN 100 ISO fittings
  • Optionally 2 pcs vacuum hoses 3 ″, L = 5m incl. lockable camlock
  • Protective plastic cover is available as an option.

Special is our standard. Transorfilter Sweden develop, design and manufacture individually customized equipment based on customer requirements. Please contact us for more info.


Our products are designed with proven technology and approved components. The products are CE-approved with user-friendly manual/documentation. All units are tested and approved according to test protocol values obtained before delivery.


Additional information

Weight500 kg
Dimensions170 × 88 × 155 cm